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What to Write on a Wedding Invitation

Choosing a wedding invitation is usually the first thing couples do when planning for their big day. Wedding invitations bear great significance as they set the tone for the wedding, i.e. they give a glimpse of the theme you picked out for the most important day of your life. Also, invitations create excitement and anticipation while providing information about your wedding. Yes, they do a lot of things. Wedding invitations aren't just a decorated piece of paper.  And they symbolize love and new beginnings while showing respect for the invitee with whom you want to share your big day. In terms of appearance and design, laser cut wedding invitations 1 are the absolute hit thanks to their extreme precision, elegance,...

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

You have been planning your wedding day since the childhood years. Of course, back then planning was more like daydreaming when we would try to imagine our wedding dress and a beautiful ceremony to the love of our life. Now you're an adult woman who is about to get married and the big day is just around the corner. Wedding planning is not the easiest endeavour in the world; a lot of organisation, preparation, and other pretty technical stuff are involved. Every detail counts and regardless of how seemingly unimportant it may seem it still plays a huge role in our wedding day. To make sure everything goes smooth and the day of the wedding is memorable you have dedicated...

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Best Wedding Venues in the UK

The wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and it's perfectly natural to want everything to be perfect. You spend a lot of time planning every detail to make sure your wedding day is memorable. Everything comes down to the wedding venue, though. They create the atmosphere, give your wedding a unique touch, and represent the place where your marriage has officially started. In other words, wedding venue is not just a room or space big enough to host all your family and friends; it represents love, respect, and harmony. Your wedding venue should portray all the values that you and your future spouse value. Getting married and planning the whole thing is exciting just...

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20 Best Honeymoon Destinations On a Budget

What every couple wants is to start their marriage with a nice honeymoon. Rest, relax, go sightseeing, it can’t get any better than that. A common belief is that honeymoons are a way too expensive so couples who are on a tighter budget usually assume there's not much they can do to visit some beautiful destination. Wrong! Here are 20 wonderful destinations that you can visit on your honeymoon (yes, even on a budget). Florence, Italy Florence, Italy is one of the most romantic destinations you can visit. Although it's easy to conclude going to Italy is expensive the reality is much different. You can have a great honeymoon on a budget in lovely Florence. The best time to visit...

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Wedding Invitations London

Best Wedding Invitations London    Do you want the perfect wedding? I'm guessing the answer is a big "YES!” Don't worry, you are not alone! Most ladies want a fairytale wedding - a wedding that can best that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. An average girl has an idea of what a perfect wedding is. In fact, when it comes to planning a wedding, most ladies think they have it all figured out especially when they are helping their friends plan their wedding. However, when it gets to their own wedding, it seems like their wedding organizational skills have been suddenly turned off. We put this blog post to help you choose good quality wedding invitations at reasonable prices...

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