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Elegant and Unique Wedding Card Box Ideas

Congratulations on this special time in your life! You are on an incredible journey to the altar. No doubt it is very exciting and happy for you...but at the same time very stressful! We want to help. We want to give you some ideas you can use for the card box at your reception. Friends and family will be bringing you plenty of useful gifts and generous cards for you newlyweds. Keep those cards safe with our box ideas. Our card boxes aim to be: Useful Beautiful Unique Very “You” Affordable Every bride and groom's wedding is special on its own way, so don't overlook the card box! It will be worth it when you open the box after friend...

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Top Tips on How to Pick Out the Perfect Invitation for Your Dream Wedding

Organizing a wedding is time-consuming and sometimes stressful. There are just so many details to take care off. One of those details is getting the invitations chosen, created, and sent out in a timely manner. Invitations may seem like a small thing, but it makes the first impression for your wedding. It gives your guests an idea of the style that your wedding is going for. Plus, it would live forever in your box of wedding mementos. It should give you joy every time you open it. These tips will help you find the perfect invitation that conveys the style of your wedding effectively and gives you joy whenever you look at it. Define the Theme and Style of Your...

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7 Ways to Embellish Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is more than a few words printed onto a sheet of paper. While invitations can sometimes end up on the backburner during the planning process, they are just as important in defining your wedding’s personality and deserve some care and attention. True, it is all paper in the end, but that does not mean you cannot transform the paper in some way. You can create some of the most memorable wedding invitations by swapping out elements or adding color and texture. It is your special day, and as such, every detail should be a reflection of you. Here are 7 ways you can make your wedding invitation suite memorable and unique. 1. Customize Your Belly Band A...

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The 5 Unconventional Reasons to Have Your Wedding Abroad

Destination weddings are the kind you see in movies, the only kind your very rich friends seem to be inviting you to. It sounds perfect, like a fantasy that’s unattainable, great for those who have the means, but not even an option for anyone else. But for some couples who don’t have as much money as many who boast their destination weddings on Instagram, having your wedding abroad might still be the perfect, and attainable, option for you. You Don’t Have to Invite the People You Don’t Want To... Perhaps one of the biggest deterrents to a destination wedding is money. People would have to take time off of work to go to another country for you, you may be...

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Wedding Invitation Wording For Friends

You’ve decided to tie the knot and take the next step – to get married and perhaps even plan on starting a family soon. Congratulations on taking such a big step in your life. Now comes the part where you have to plan the wedding. You have to ensure you get the perfect location, wear the perfect clothes, and have an ideal menu to serve your guests. While many of the steps involved in planning a wedding can be rather simple when taken on early and with the right attitude. There are, however, a couple of things that couples often struggle with in terms of choosing how these “elements” of the wedding should be. One such issue that is often...

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