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"Bride Buddy" Wedding Planners In Essex, Kent & Kefalonia, Greece!

Your Wedding – Your Way! Bride Buddy is a unique service offering Experienced Fun Celebrants & Wedding Planners in Essex, Kent UK & Kefalonia, Greece. We make your dream wedding a reality by offering alternative ceremonies without the restrictions of a civil  ceremony.  Bespoke, personal, affordable Your day - Your way.  The Bride Buddy team are former UK Registrars and we are dedicated to making sure we give you nothing less than our best. Focused, and proud of what we do with years of experience and knowledge. Completely trusting each other which means you know that you can trust us too.  Our celebrants are located across Essex & Kent and in Kefalonia, Greece, where we also have a full wedding planning service.  We work with you - one to one, to create a...

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Groomsmen Gift Ideas- 10 Amazing Gift Ideas

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Your days are becoming filled with wedding planning and romance. As the exciting day approaches, you will be checking things off your list. Your anticipation is growing, this is an exciting time, and for the lucky ones, it is a time that only comes around once.  You want the day to be perfect. This make you worried. Worried that you may be forgetting something or worrying that it may rain on that special day. The weather cannot be controlled or even predicted with one-hundred percent accuracy. Lucky for you, you can ensure that you’ve crossed all of your t’s and dotted all of your i’s in your wedding plan with a simple wedding checklist. If you...

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Decoding Wedding Response Card Wording

Okay, there’s really no “decoding” that we need to do here, but we do need to make sure everybody understands wedding card RSVP wording. The good news is that your wedding RSVP cards can be as funny, elegant or fancy as you want them to be. Having a traditional formal wedding? Great-we can show you the ropes. Plus, those RSVP cards can show you how many meals you need to plan for, as well as the seating diagram you would like everybody to follow. Even if you are having a casual backyard wedding where hotdogs and hamburgers will be your main dish, it still helps knowing how many will come-after all, folding chairs can’t reproduce by themselves. Let’s get into...

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Wedding Car Decoration - Ways to Decorate Your Car for The Big Occasion

  Hooray! The big day is finally on its way. You’ve gone to your dress fittings, the men have their tuxedos ready to go, your menu is set, and the flowers will be delivered and set up, transforming the reception hall into a fairy-tale fantasy. It is going to be a spectacular day! You’ve made sure to handle every little detail, from the beverage napkins all the way to the ribbons that hold the bridesmaids’ flowers together. Don’t forget about decorating your car when it’s time to make your getaway! Your car matters. You will want to have it decorated and photos taken of it. Twenty years from now, when you are laughing with your spouse about that day, you...

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Wedding Invitation Trends For 2020

     Top Wedding Invitation Trends For 2020 Currently, wedding invitation patterns are one of the most artistic aspects of print design and skilled designers strive to develop amazing creative pieces. Some well-defined wedding invitation trends have come into view and these trends have come to stay all through 2020 and beyond. Your wedding card basically depicts how your wedding will look like and you don’t have to go overboard because there are several cheap wedding invitations available. So it’s extremely vital that you begin on a great note. From beautiful text to colour combinations and extra decorations, wedding cards give your invited guests the first look and what to expect on your special day. Check this video to see Our 3D...

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