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Wedding Invitations London

Best Wedding Invitations London


 Do you want the perfect wedding? I'm guessing the answer is a big "YES!” Don't worry, you are not alone! Most ladies want a fairytale wedding - a wedding that can best that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

An average girl has an idea of what a perfect wedding is. In fact, when it comes to planning a wedding, most ladies think they have it all figured out especially when they are helping their friends plan their wedding.

However, when it gets to their own wedding, it seems like their wedding organizational skills have been suddenly turned off.

We put this blog post to help you choose good quality wedding invitations at reasonable prices and free printing. 

Take a look at this beautiful heart shaped wedding invitation, for example, to get a feel what we can offer!

This unique two-part heart shaped wedding invitation made by high-quality white paper with a pearl effect combined with sliding opening sprinkled with glitter in the shape of flowers, connected by a gorgeous ribbon!  You can be assured that you will impress your guest! 

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Take Lucy, for example, she helped most of her friends plan their dreamed wedding. She helped them make a classy wedding invitation London, plan the venue, the church, and every single detail of the wedding. But when it gets to her turn, she has to hire a professional wedding planner.

It is normal for the bride to panic once she realizes just how much there is to do before her big day. Every bride wants a perfect wedding, but once she realizes there are tons of things to do, she begins to panic.

Your to-do list might even seem monstrous and impossible to achieve. Fortunately, there is absolutely no need to panic. Just focus on celebrating the love between you and your partner and every other thing will fall into place.

You can make your big day stand out. However, if there is one thing you should learn from every perfect wedding such as that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it is that every perfect wedding starts with a Perfect Wedding Invitation Card.


Why a Perfect Wedding Invitation Card Matters?

Your invitation is the first impression guests get about your wedding. A guest can get an impression of how your wedding will turn out with the type of wedding invitation cards you sent out.

If you want a wedding that will stand out, ensure that your invitation stands out. A perfect invitation isn't necessarily most expensive but the most impressive.

Below, you will learn what it takes to create a mind-blowing, beautiful-looking wedding invitation:

  1. Choose Your Design

Don't just pay a designer without first knowing exactly what he is going to produce for you. When you want classy wedding invitations London, there are a lot of designers that can create outstanding and classic wedding invitations for you.

However, check Pinterest for some wedding invitation card ideas. You can also check our website to compare different designs such as Laser Cut Cards and other available invitation designs on our website.

Choose the design that will match the tone of the stationery you have in mind. Above all, make sure that the design you choose is something that you love and something that your guest will love as well.

Take a look this blog post to see our 2018 collection laser cut wedding invitations:


  1. Set Your Budget

Like we mentioned above, the perfect wedding invitation  London doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive. You can get cheap wedding invitations in London that will still look absolutely classy.

However, before you start shopping for your perfect invitation card, make sure you know your budget. This is to avoid finding out you can't afford a design after you have chosen it.

Think of how many people you want to invite (note: one card per family and not per person). Once you set your budget, you can check our designs to see the one that matches your budget. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss the prices.


  1. Choose Your Words Wisely

What you say on your wedding invitation is very important. You need to ensure that your invitation is sending the right message both in words and in design.

Many classic wedding invitations we have designed have time and venue of the ceremony/reception. Also included is the tagline that shows the world the love between you and your partner. Before printing your invitation card, ensure you double-check it to confirm you have all the right words and names that need to be on your invitation.

Take a look at this article to see what you need to include in your wording:


  1. Experiment With Various Shape and Size

Today, there are so many shape and size you can choose from when you need a classy wedding invitation card in London. The traditional 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card is the most popular shape and size for a wedding invitation. However, you don't have to settle for the traditional shape and sizes.

You can make your invitation stand out by checking various invitation shapes and sizes available on our website.


  1. Order Extra

We have seen so many cases where a client called us days after delivering her order to print extra cards. The truth is that there is always that "one" person you are forgetting to invite. You can run into him/her or remember the person at the last minute.

Make sure you order enough invitations for your guest list and extra cards just in case you need to resend the invitation. Moreover, you need to reserve some invitations as keepsakes. If you are using a calligrapher to address your invitation, ensure you order extra envelopes just in case of addressing mistakes.


Final Thought

A classy wedding invitation is only possible when you hire an experienced London wedding invitation card maker. Don't just hire anyone; hire a company that can make your invitation stand out. Click on the link below to see our invitations portfolio.


Click here to get wedding invitation card ideas

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