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Wedding Invitation Trends For 2020

     Top Wedding Invitation Trends For 2020

Currently, wedding invitation patterns are one of the most artistic aspects of print design and skilled designers strive to develop amazing creative pieces. Some well-defined wedding invitation trends have come into view and these trends have come to stay all through 2020 and beyond.

Your wedding card basically depicts how your wedding will look like and you don’t have to go overboard because there are several cheap wedding invitations available. So it’s extremely vital that you begin on a great note. From beautiful text to colour combinations and extra decorations, wedding cards give your invited guests the first look and what to expect on your special day.

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wedding invitation trends for 2019

In this article, we have pointed out top invitation trends that will add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your wedding event.


Watercolour wedding invitation card has a glamorous look and it is widely used by a lot of people. Why is it popular? Watercolour let you add texture and colour to your wedding by transforming a basic design. You can pick a colour that matches the season, for example, an orange colour for an autumn wedding, or a blue colour for a beach wedding.

Some people make their watercolour wedding card by hand, while others go for digital prints that have consistent quality. Before choosing to make a Wedding invitation yourself, always consider the number of invitees. Although Painting a watercolour may look easy, however, it can be difficult considering the number of guests and time required to paint the card. Browse wedding cards UK for various watercolour wedding invitations.


Foil stamping makes your wedding invitations appear extremely good and give it a classy look. Actually, it literally looks like a million bucks, eliciting buried treasure, images of coins, and beautiful jewellery. The wedding invitation has blended with the art decoration theme that has made a vivid impression ever since the primer of Baz Luhrmann's movie.

For an elegant, touch; blend your foil stamping with any jewellery. You can make use of the theme all through the wedding and have metallic features popping up from the centrepieces. Metallic details are stylish and timeless.


Rustic and woodland designs have popularly accepted and used for several years, but they are still popular. Rustic wedding invites displays botanical designs, hessian and colour pallets of rich green and brown. Basically Rustic invitations are all about nature especially woodland animals and trees.

Vintage Wedding Cards

The wedding card is frequently paired with calligraphy or lace to give it a feminine touch. Pictures of trees patterns in the paper will give your wedding invitation that perfect nature-inspired effect. You can also use the design all through the wedding with furniture scenery (wooden).

You can go about this look in so many ways, however, the design works best if the themed elements are used all through the wedding. Even though you decide to keep it simple with only rustic colours or go overboard by using a forest glade scenery, the perfect result is when all your stationaries an introduction to a broader theme - it gives your guests a hint of what to expect.

vintage wedding invitation


Presently, there are several skilled illustrators, and brides are using their artwork as much as possible by displaying it on their invites. For a sophisticated invite, some brides are going for personalized wedding card invitation illustrations like cartoons that look like them and their partners, or a beautiful hand-drawn map of notable wedding locations. Others use glamorous illustrations they admire and love.

If you are opting for this design, discuss with your preferred illustrator, indicating what you want the wedding invitation to display rather than using their pieces with a pre-existing design. If you let them control the design, you will have an elegant and cohesive final product.

illustrated wedding invitation

If the illustrator chooses not to design the invite, they may refer you to someone who can. If you can't find anyone, keep the wedding invitation design simple and let the illustration be the center of attention or attractions. It is important to decide on the colour of your wedding invite and if you want the invites to blend with your wedding colour scheme. If so, talk to the illustrator about the colours you choose.


No one can go wrong with a sleek minimalistic wedding card design. It is eye-catching, timeless, and classy. To make a statement, add a single colour and keep it simple. You can also mix script-based and simple type fonts that look like calligraphic handwriting; however, it shouldn't exceed 3 different fonts!

The most vital consideration for this wedding invitation design is the appropriate use of space. Ensure that whatever is on the card is placed faultlessly and has several blank spaces to create a clean look and to pull attention to the written words. Avoid gigantic illustrations, bright colours, or gaudy elements. Make sure you keep things classic and simple. Remove unnecessary designs and concentrate on making the design beautiful and functional. Furthermore, Make certain your wedding invitations are readable, easy to understand, and have all the basic information.

vintage classic wedding invitation

Minimalist design is a form of art that looks illusory, yet simple; however, it requires skill to place every detail on the paper the right way and where it should be. A minimalist design wedding card depicts beauty – the ideal aesthetic for stylish wedding stationery.


Vivid colours are great but can change the appearance of your invites. By maintaining a simple monochrome, make use of little pops of colour in order to pull focus to the important elements like dates and names. You can also use the design to turn a simple wedding invitation into an eye-catching wedding palette. The design goes well with rich colours like bold reds, fluoros, and so much more.

wedding cards uk

The white and black on every side the colour will even out any overwhelming look. You can as well use a soft pastel, however, if it is a subtle colour, use more of the colour so it is visible enough for everyone to see – you wouldn't want people to think it is on the paper due to an error, would you?

The design resembles minimalism in several ways. Basically, a burst of colour is used for enhancing the appearance of a beautiful design in order to make it more stylish. Just as you would do for a minimalistic design, make use of space appropriately and do not use more than 3 different fonts. Keep additional decorations grid-based or uniform so it won't take over the entire page.


The design is perfect drawing attention to the perfect spot (center, front). It is an exciting way of integrating pattern, illustration or colour into your wedding cards while keeping a perfect hierarchy and clean layout. It is a straightforward design element, no wonder it is extensively popular this year. The oval-framed invitation is perfect for enclosing your text if you do not fancy excess empty space or if it doesn't blend with your wedding style. A lot of people make use of this strategy to save dates or names since the invitation card does not contain a lot of words. A gorgeously embellished oval border is the perfect way to occupy the space so you won't pull attention away from the vital points of the card.

You can make the design complex or simple, the choice is yours. An oval border design can beautify a simple design and bright edge is used as a vignette to pull attention to the space in the middle (usually white). What you should do is, if the edge is intense, keep the center clean and simple. It should look unique and readable, while evening out the other areas of the design.


The creative use of paper dominated in the recent past; however, it is still used. The creativity features modern sizing, layers, cut-outs, folds, and textures. Unconventional figures are now used, alongside wedding cards printed on ovals, circles, and triangles. 

Small-sized weddings cards folded into brochures are now widely used, along with magazines inspired alternatives to commemorate the impending union with a headline.

Basically, if you can visualize anything, you can get it done with paper, and such creativity is currently acknowledged in the popular invitation patterns of 2018. To do this, make certain that the distinctive preference of paper works with the pattern of the wedding invitation. It will give a perfect look if it is not used as a trick, but blends with the general aesthetic. Using paper creatively is also done in a subtle way, like creating square invites instead of rectangular wedding cards. The design will look exceptionally great without diminishing the overall aesthetic.

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There you have it! These wedding invitations are gorgeous and widely used. Now it up to you to select which ones you will love to add to your wedding invitation portfolio.

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