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Wedding Cards Online Uk

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Planning to get married in 2018? New brides need to know about the latest wedding cards online uk trends and we can help. Been on the market for so long we know what is going to be trending this year. Let us help you to choose the best wedding cards uk for your important event.

In planning a wedding, one of the things couple put into consideration in the course of preparing for their wedding is the choice of their unique wedding invitation cards uk. Usually, they list out the names of expected guests whose presence will grace their wedding ceremony. 

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The guests are sometimes classified according to their social statuses. Also, there are friends within the social circle who without a formal wedding invitation would attend a wedding ceremony.

These include family members of the couple and friends within their social circles. Furthermore, there are other guests such as the VIPs, priests and perhaps government functionaries that need a formal invited via wedding invitation cards

Wedding invitations are formal ways of soliciting the presence of a guest to attend a wedding ceremony.  It gives the invited guest a sense of regard that the intending couple holds him or her in high esteem.  Presently, most weddings are strictly on an invitation.  The implication is that without the invite, there is no seat reserved for the guests.

By just a click away, the intending couple can search through thousands of specially designed cards online from where they can choose their preferred wedding cards online uk. The designs are an endless pool of fantastic artwork and the costs of the cards differ, depending on quality and design.

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A lot of people believe that wedding invitations uk speak the heart of the couple.  Uniquely designed cards educe what is sometimes to be expected from a wedding.  It could be seen to reflect the style and social class of the couple.  As a friend puts it, “A wedding invitation is a pointer to what’s to be expected in a wedding ceremony”

The choice before the couple lies on the best option of inviting guests. The couple can invite the guests via beautifully designed invitation ordered online from thousands of online wedding invitation cards designers and dealers.

Also, they could as well send out the invitations electronically to friends in the circle, family members, and others.  Whichever means the would-be couple select, luxury wedding invitation uk should evoke the aura of solemnity, love, elegance, and stylishness. 

Wedding ceremonies, just like every other social event requires an invitation. Invitations are usually sent weeks ahead of the scheduled date.  Most times, a wedding invitation details other information apart from venue and date such as the dress codes and information that guides the invitees’ conduct during the wedding ceremony.

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Vintage Wedding Cards UK

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Recipients of wedding invitations are expected to respond weeks before the actual date of the wedding.   The expected guest’s response helps the planners make seating arrangement.  It as well helps in preparing their wedding budget as the number of expected guests to some great extent determines how many couples budget around the event center to be used, the quantity of food and drink and other ancillary expenditures.

Currently, online wedding invitation uk has become trendy.  Online card dealers are cashing in on this trend to create enchanting invitation cards with gripping wedding messages.  This is to enable them to stay afloat amidst the tightening competition. More so, couples now have a pool of people offering these services, thus class, quality, and exceptionality have become strong selling points.

A wedding invitation card should not only contain information about the venue or other stuff related to the wedding, but it should also be alluringly picturesque, strikingly unique and boldly designed with enchanting pictures.  The invitations should speak to the heart of the invited guests in a special way.  Some people believe that elegant and sometimes costly invitation cards impress it on the invited guests to attend. 

The beauty of the invitation card speaks volume about the proposed wedding and the tastes and styles of the couple.  A good wedding invitation must be enthrallingly inviting and in the form of codes or numbers.  The invited guests are allotted a code or number stating clearly that he or she is officially invited to attend the wedding ceremony and that a seat has been reserved specifically for that guest.

The wedding cards online uk must display beauty, sophistication, Luxury, and peace. So never turn down wedding invitations that elicit these feelings.  When you, please remember the words of the Roman politician and writer Pliny the Younger “Who are you, to accept my invitation to dinner and never come”.

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This is our first block post and we want to tell a bit more about us. We have been manufacturing wedding cards online for the past 12 years and have a long successful relationship with numerous wedding agencies around Europe.

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We have been working with professional designers from Italy, Greece, and Turkey. All our models are manufactured in Europe with high-quality materials. None of our wedding invitation cards comes from China.


This year our team decided to start working directly with the end clients and create weddingcardsuk.com.


Our wedding invitations have a unique design. Our designers always follow the latest trends producing new catalogs. Every year we are updating our models. We will give our best to satisfied every customer needs and desire.


How to Order Wedding Cards:


Choose your preferred model and quantity from our website.


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You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our products, our professional printing and the stress-free process ordering wedding cards.


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Interesting Facts About Wedding Invitation Cards


Wedding invitations date back to many Centuries ago. Before the advent of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1447, wedding ceremonies in England were announced by dispatching a town crier who walked from street to street, announcing the proposed wedding, venue and the people who are expected to attend the wedding.

In medieval times, illiteracy was common, leading to a situation where written wedding invitations were solely sent to lettered men and women of the noble background.

But all these are fast changing with the advent of the internet.  Presently, couples can order their wedding invitation online just by a click away.  Not only ordering them online, wedding invitation cards uk can also be delivered to expected guests via the internet.  All you have to do is get the social media contacts of the expected guests and within seconds, the invitation is sent to them.

The process is called online invitation or what is now known as a paperless invitation. The trend entails surfing and choosing from multiple already-designed samples and orders them online.

The Internet has made it easy for a couple as they can sample through countless designs online, thereby alleviating the stress of conceptualizing their preferred designs and spending time designing and printing the wedding invitations. 

Regarding sending wedding invitations online, there are several individuals who believe that online invitations are not just elegant because they are delivered via email.  They hold the belief that a wedding invitation should have an aura of elegance, beauty, and class.  Sometimes, the opponents of online invitation brand such invitation as too casual to be taken seriously.

Basically, people should see a wedding invitation as important as the wedding itself and as such should convey a good sense of importance as a specially designed and printed invitation card.

In some quarters, this argument does not hold water.  People are beginning to believe that both paper and paperless {electronic} wedding invitations are easy to create and send out. It is because the couple can achieve more sending both - call it to blend of shrewdness and elegance if you wish.

Those who look down on electronic invites may turn down and belittle the invitation.  However, there is nothing to worry about because both electronic and paper invitations are currently accepted as an effective means of invitation to weddings and other social functions. 

For shrewd couples, electronic and paperless invitations have more advantages than paper.  We live in times where most people look for ways to cut costs - You can save more via paperless and electronic invitation.  The savings can be deployed to other things necessary for the wedding such as food, drinks, extravagant photography or even a more fabulous honeymoon in a cozy island. 

Pro-environmentalists are encouraging people to go as much paperless as they can in order to save the trees and protect the environment.  This way, they are strong proponents of electronic and paperless wedding invitations.

But think of this, these are all the wars of the mind.  Gold is good and priceless, but to others, it is a god.  That’s the law of dualism.  Whether we choose stylishly crafted printed invitation or we choose paperless online invitation for our weddings, both when well designed, evoke the same feeling and serve the same purpose.

An online wedding invitation is great in many ways; Countless designs are available both online and in a paper that suits the choice of both pro-paper campaigners and tech enthusiasts who believe that technology has come to take the place of the analog system of doing things. All depends on the couple and the budget they have drawn for their weddings. 

The couple can decide to classify their invitees and thus decide who gets what.  For close friends within their circle, they could use a paperless electronic invite.  For other VIPs including the priests and specially invited guests, beautifully designed hybrid paper invitation could be used.   There are yet other friends who will just attend wedding invitations of friends even if orally invited.

There are other aspects of the wedding that makes online invitations look perfect.  There are pre-wedding activities like bridal showers, bachelor’s and bachelorette’s night, wedding rehearsals that we do not need a paper invitation.  You can simply pre-inform friends and all those who will participate in these activities through emails and other forms of social media.

Today, there are thousands of websites offering varied designs and samples of wedding invitations and custom-made services for celebrants.  Orders could be made for them in just a flash, anywhere in the world. The cards are delivered from coast to coast and within the agreed time.








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