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Wedding Car Decoration - Ways to Decorate Your Car for The Big Occasion


Hooray! The big day is finally on its way. You’ve gone to your dress fittings, the men have their tuxedos ready to go, your menu is set, and the flowers will be delivered and set up, transforming the reception hall into a fairy-tale fantasy. It is going to be a spectacular day!

You’ve made sure to handle every little detail, from the beverage napkins all the way to the ribbons that hold the bridesmaids’ flowers together. Don’t forget about decorating your car when it’s time to make your getaway!

Your car matters. You will want to have it decorated and photos taken of it. Twenty years from now, when you are laughing with your spouse about that day, you will also get a good laugh about that old car you used to have.

Cars and weddings both have extreme sentimental value, so don’t overlook this detail! It doesn’t have to be crazy, either.

We have some easy and fun ways you can get your ride decorated and enjoy the ride to the honeymoon, or airport, or wherever the road will take you as a newly married couple. You can decorate your car as conservatively or as quirky as you would like.

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  1. Hang Up A Banner

banner car decoration

Nothing could be nicer than a pretty floral banner. Or, a banner that is made with your own shapes. You can do banners in many different ways.

You could take an old sheet and paint your “Just Married” message across it, and then hang the fabric across your car.

You could even hire a sign company to create a banner for you on some high quality, heavy paper or other material that will not be destroyed when confronted with inclement weather or other road hazards like dirt.

Banners are truly a one-size-fits-all decoration. Start by cutting out your favorite shape. Triangles are a huge favorite among banner makers, but you can definitely use hearts, circles, squares, or whatever makes you smile.

You can even cut the letters out and string them up without mounting them on paper, too. And the phrasing doesn’t have to be “Just Married”. You can write something that’s funny, like “Gone Fishing” if you are both into fishing, for instance.

  1. Add A Floral Wreath

floral car decoration

You can make your own floral wreath or ask your florist to make one for you as part of your wedding flower delivery. You can hang pretty tulle ribbons off the edge of the wreath or add a piece of fabric or wood to the wreath that says, “Just Married”.

The flowers will look super lovely and authentic on your getaway car, and this decoration is arguably the eco-friendliest of them all.

The best place to hang this wreath is on the front of the getaway car, if you can-that way, no number plates will be obstructed, and the police will not stop you during your special day. You might also hang it from the back bumper, too.

  1. Tie on Balloons

 car balloons decoration

Balloons are a favorite among kids and adults alike. Balloons are the international symbol that something good is going on, and to have them on your car is an indication of a party. Get ready to have people waving and honking at you, offering their well wishes!

The best part is that balloons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so the choice is yours as to what you’d like your balloons to look like. Some people opt for latex balloons, which are always good and always readily available.

They also come in a huge variety of colors, too. You can get them in jewel tones or even solid colors. There are even reusable balloons available if you know you can use them again (plus, reusing is good for the environment).

Google ways to make a pretty balloon bouquet, or just bunch them together as you see fit. It will look lovely matched with your car!

  1. Write on The Windows

This one is a classic decorating technique that your mum and dad probably used when they got hitched years ago.

All you need for this is some soap-a bar of soap like Ivory will work just fine. You can write any message you like on your windows-” Just Married” is, of course, the classic one, but you can definitely get creative and be as funny or as serious as you would like with it.

The advantage to this technique is that it is inexpensive, and it washes off easily. And, it is more than likely that you have the goods to do this lying around the house right now-and if not, you can always hit the shops for this common item on your next grocery run.

The bar of soap is easy to hold in one’s hand, and if you have multiple cars in your wedding convoy, this is an economical way to decorate everybody’s car without breaking the bank.

  1. Add A Window Decal

If you have rented a car for your special day, and do not want to have the hassle of cleaning the soap off the window before you return it, then consider using a window decal as the way to show the whole world your good news.

You can get these custom made for your whole wedding party to stick onto their cars, with things like your initials or names, or even just get yourself one that says “Just Married” and stick it on.

Once it is time for the car to go back to the rental agency, you can easily just peel it off with no worries.

And if you are happily heading to honeymoon out of the country, pack it in your suitcase and use it on your rental car or your even your scooter during your honeymoon. Locals will congratulate you just as your friends did back home, amplifying the excitement!

  1. Tie on Tin cans

tin cans decoration car

Tin cans on the back of a wedding getaway car are so classic, and everybody will wave and honk at you when they see you coming down the road. They will certainly hear you before they see you!

This is a great way to make use of those old soup cans before they are headed for recycling.

Take off the old labels, and instead attach labels that have festive sayings in regard to the wedding: “Just Married”, “Together Forever” “Newlyweds” and other like sayings will go great on your noisy cans.

Print out your labels on colored papers that match up with your scheme or match the color of the car.

You can attach the cans using pretty colored tulle, or you can also attach them with twine or heavy rope if you feel that the tulle might not last long enough on the road.

  1. Fly A Flag

This is good if you would like a subtle and not too over the top way of saying “Just Married.” You can simply put a nice, tiny car flag in the back window of your car and keep it rolled up.

This way it does not scream to the world that you got married, such as a banner does, but still lets you subtly tell everybody the good news.

You can check online at your favorite retailer to find a flag that works for you, or you can have one custom made. Many party stores have comparable products in stock, so check out those locations, too.

Conversely, you can also make a full-size wedding flag if you like and drape it across the back of your car.

You can put a message on the flag-or even just put your wedding’s symbol on it so you can bring it out for your anniversary every year as a house decoration.

  1. Put on Some Flower Bows

If you want to decorate but do not want to obstruct the windows in any way, then consider doing flower bows for your car.

You can attach these pretty bows to your handles, car mirrors, or door handles. You can then pair that with a “just married” banner across the boot, and you will be all set-no obstructed windows to complain about!

You can get these pre-made right on Amazon, or you can also make your own if you are feeling creative. Attach some fun baubles like jewels, pearls or even butterflies using hot glue for an even more fun effect.

And don’t just stick to plain old white-you can get pretty colors of tulle anywhere crafting supplies are sold, or even just online.

Indeed, this is a great way to decorate if you will be driving in a busy area and need to see everything that’s going on around you.


No matter where you go after your special day has come to a conclusion, make sure you go in style.

Decorate your wedding car in a way that is fun, easy, inexpensive, and shows the whole world that something good has happened.

Be sure to keep one rule in mind: Safety. Never obstruct your vision or a number plate on a car. Have fun and... congratulations!

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