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Types of Wedding Suits for Men

Suits for men

There are a few different types of wedding attire for grooms and groomsmen. It can be difficult to choose the type of attire the wedding party will wear when there are so many options.

There are multiple styles, colors, prints, fabrics, and brands. When considering all of the choices it can be extremely hard to make a decision. We’ve created a sort of guide to assist in all of your suit-related decisions.

Factor One: Decide Based on the Dress Code

This is the first consideration you need to make. All of your decisions will be based on this first considerable factor. What is the dress code of your wedding and what does that dress code permit the party to wear?

Formal Attire 

Black Tie- In other words, WEAR A TUXEDO! Basically, you’ll want to dress in the following.
    • Black Tuxedo
    • Black Bow Tie
    • White Tux Shirt
    • Patent Leather Shoes
    Black Tie Optional- You could wear a tux, unless stated otherwise. In which case, you could wear this.
      • Dark Suit
      • Black Bow Tie or Necktie
      • White Dress Shirt
      • Leather Shoes

      Semi-Formal Attire

      Cocktail Attire- You can personalize this outfit a little more than you could the formal attire above, but you will want to follow these guidelines.
        • Dark Suit
        • Patterned Necktie
        • Solid Colored Dress Shirt
        • Leather Shoes
        Creative Black Tie- Depending on which way you go with this. It could be formal or semi-formal attire. Decide which it will be with these items.
          • Dinner Jacket Tux
          • Bow Tie or Necktie
          • Tux Shirt or Dress Shirt
          • Leather Shoes

          Casual Wear

          Casual Attire- The options are, (almost,) endless. Get creative with you outfit. Personalize it by creating a unique look with these pieces.
            • Non-black Suit
            • Tie is Optional
            • Solid or Patterned Dress Shirt
            • Leather Shoes
            Tropical- This is a great attire option for beach or vacation weddings.
              • Light Color Suit
              • Necktie
              • Solid or Patterned Dress Shirt
              • Leather Shoes

              Factor Two: Consider the Season

              Each season brings new trends and styles. There are certain characteristics of wedding attire that are specific to a certain season.

              These are the themes and styles of the seasons that have persisted year after year.

              Fall- Utilize layers and seasonal colors with the following attire options.
                • Navy Suit and Vest
                • Leather or Suede Shoes
                Winter- Use textures to spice up your winter look. Velvet and corduroy are great fabrics to use in your winter suit.
                  • Corduroy Jacket
                  • White Dress Shirt
                  • White Cufflinks
                  • Loafers
                  Spring- Utilize light, spring colors for your spring wedding suit.
                    • Light Grey Suit
                    • Pastel Colored Dress Shirt
                    • Matching Pocket Square
                    • Brown Belt
                    • Brown Leather Shoes
                    Summer- Keep things light and airy with the following attire ideas.
                      • White or Light-Colored Jacket
                      • Light Dress Shirt
                      • Matching Necktie and Pocket Square
                      • Brown Suede Shoes

                      Factor Three: What’s the Time of Day

                      The time of the day matters when it comes to dressing for a wedding.

                      You want to keep cool in lighter colors and fabrics during the day, but you also want to appear put together. In the evening you want to look formal and take advantage of the cool, night air.

                      Day Time Tips
                        • Avoid Wearing a Tux If Possible
                        • Choose Lighter Colors
                        Night Time
                          • Darker Colors Work Best
                          • Wear A Tux
                          • Navy and Charcoal Are Ideal

                          Factor Four: Brands You Love

                          Sometimes you commit to a specific style or brand and there’s no changing it up. There are a few brands that stand apart from the rest.

                          Try a few of them on, you may find your own go-to brand.

                          Calvin Klein

                          You can’t discuss men’s suits without discussing Calvin Klein. The suits are classic and sophisticated.

                          Outfit yourself in these prestigious designs and your wedding photos are sure to turn out perfectly.

                          We’re especially fond of the Men’s X Fit Slim Stretch Suit.

                          The fit on this suit is flattering and the material allows for some stretch. This suit will make any man look incredible.

                          Hugo Boss

                          Hugo’s suits mean business. The suits are extraordinary and are sure to make you stand apart from the crowd.

                          Which is great, considering you will be wearing it for your wedding, or a wedding you are in.

                          This suit by Boss is eye catching. The sharp contours and fit draw the eye to it and capture the attention of everyone in the room.

                          Making it the perfect suit for any groom or groomsmen. 


                          Armani, don’t you love the way it just rolls off your lips. This is the power suit, a symbol of ambition. 

                          An Armani will allow you to exude confidence as you wait for your bride to walk down the aisle.

                          The suit below is a staple. It’s featured in countless movies on powerful and confident men.

                          If that’s your zone, this may be the suit for you. 

                          Dolce and Gabanna

                          When we think Dolce and Gabanna, we think of sharp fits and savvy styles.

                          You can look modern and sleek in any design by these Italian designers. 

                          You are sure to look incredible in this grey silk suit, by dolce and gabanna.

                          The fabric is light and perfect for any warm fall wedding.

                          Tom Ford

                          A Tom Ford suit is specially tailored.

                          The designs are so unique that they hold an air of exclusivity.

                          Some people even consider Tom Ford’s suits to be the gold standard of wedding attire. 

                          This amazing grey, three-piece suit is picture perfect for your wedding day.

                          Personalize it with a dress shirt and tie. 

                          Factor Five: The Cost

                          Regardless of which wedding decision you are currently making, cost is a considerable factor.

                          It’s no wonder when couples tend spend a small fortune on their big day.

                          Choosing wedding attire is no different. If you are looking for ways to cut costs, consider the following tips. 

                          • Choose a Suit- If you’re wedding’s dress code permits it, wear a suit instead of a tux. Suits are a lot less expensive. Depending on the brand, you could save tons.
                          • Shop in Groups- To save money, you should gather a group of men to buy or rent a suit at the same time as you. There are quite a few men’s suit and tux shops that offer deals when you purchase multiple suits or tuxes.
                          • Shop Around- This is an important detail. Regardless of what you’re buying the easiest way to save money is to shop around. Visit multiple stores, hunt for deals, and compare options.

                          Factor Six: Rent or Purchase

                          There are two options for obtaining your wedding tux or suit. You can rent or you can buy. There are different advantages and disadvantages to both options. 

                          Rent- When you rent a suit or tux, you pay a rental fee and return the attire on a specific day by a scheduled time.


                          • Could Save Money
                          • Quick Attire Solution
                          • No Need for Storing Later


                          • Must be Returned, which could be inconvenient if you plan on going on a honeymoon.
                          • Usually Basic Designs and Colors

                          Buy- Purchasing a Tux or Suit can be a great option for some people. 


                          • You Get A New Suit
                          • Styles Are Extremely Unique
                          • Incredibly Customizable


                          • Expensive

                          Four Criteria for Men’s Wedding Attire

                          Once you find the suit you like. You will need to ensure that it meets the following four criteria.

                          1. Coordinate- The groom’s outfit should coordinate with the brides. Everyone else in the wedding party should wear outfits that coordinate with the special couple.
                          2. Proper Fit- If you are the groom, or anyone else in the wedding party, you will have all eyes on you at some point during the wedding/. Make sure your suit or tux fits you properly.
                          3. Accessorize- Use your accessories to personalize your outfit and set yourself apart from the rest of the guests.
                          4. Match the Formality - Your outfit should fit the event. If the wedding is formal, wear something formal. If it’s casual, wear something a little more casual. As part of the wedding party, you need to look a little more formal than the rest of the guest, but you still want to dress for the occasion.


                          Choosing the suit or tux the groom will wear for the wedding is a huge decision. You will be showing off those wedding photos for the rest of your life. You want them to look good and you want to look good in them. 

                          Take your time choosing the attire of the men in your wedding. Consider the six key factors in choosing men’s wedding attire and look your best.

                          There are options for every for every dress code, season, time of day, and style. Feel free to spice up the men in your wedding’s attire.

                          Be creative and create a look specific to your preferences. Create a wedding look you’ll love.

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