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Top Tips on How to Pick Out the Perfect Invitation for Your Dream Wedding

Dream wedding invitations

Organizing a wedding is time-consuming and sometimes stressful. There are just so many details to take care off.

One of those details is getting the invitations chosen, created, and sent out in a timely manner. Invitations may seem like a small thing, but it makes the first impression for your wedding.

It gives your guests an idea of the style that your wedding is going for. Plus, it would live forever in your box of wedding mementos.

It should give you joy every time you open it.

These tips will help you find the perfect invitation that conveys the style of your wedding effectively and gives you joy whenever you look at it.

Define the Theme and Style of Your Wedding

One of the first things you need to decide on as soon as possible is the style and theme for the wedding.

Think of how you picture your dream wedding.

  • Will it be elegant?
  • Is it going to be casual?
  • Are you going glam or modern? 
  • Are you considering a themed wedding?

You have to define this before you can proceed with any other wedding planning activities.

All your other decisions will hinge on the style of your wedding.

Once you have decided, you might want to go on a few stationer’ websites to look at their sample invitations.

With a style in mind, it would be easier for you to focus on the type of invitations that would complement your wedding concept.

For example, if you are going the traditional route, you can focus on looking at plain invitations enclosed in laser cut envelopes.

You just might find some inspiration for your own invitations.

Decide on The Colors of Your Invitation

You might want to incorporate your motif into the invitations that you will design. This way, you can make every wedding-related paper-items have a cohesive look.

For example, if you decide to go for metallic fonts on ivory card stock, you can liven it up by using colored envelopes or liners.

One trend that we are seeing right now is plain invitations in bold-colored envelopes with patterned liners that complement the wedding theme.

You can then carry that metallic font and liner color or pattern over to the other items on your list, like your menu cards, ceremony programs, table place holders, and more.

We all know that colors are attached to certain emotions. Black and white invitations convey a feeling of formality, luxury, and power. Blues evoke a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Reds show strong emotion and passion. Yellows bring about feelings of warmth and cheerfulness.

If you want to evoke a particular feeling from the people who will see your invitations, it is important to put that into consideration.

Settle on A Shape for Your Card and Envelope

Once you have decided on your colors, you will need to select a shape for your invitation.

While the rectangular 4.5-inch by 6.25 -inch shape is commonly used, you can also choose to veer away from the traditional and go for something more modern. Circular, square, and scalloped are other shapes that you can explore.

You might even want to check out invitations that are heart-shaped if your theme calls for it.

You can be as playful or as creative as you want. Just keep in mind that the cost of sending out your invitations via post can go up if your envelope is bigger than the standard size.

Make Sure That the Text Is Readable

While it is a plus that your invitation looks amazing and the colors fit your scheme, it is equally important that your guests be able to read the information that it contains.

In deciding on the color of the card stock, envelope, and text, it would be a good idea to avoid using light colored ink on a light-colored background. The same goes for dark ink on dark-colored paper.

If you are set on using pastel colors for your text, make sure that the card stock’s color is dark enough to make the text pop.

It is also advisable to steer away from overly-scripted typefaces as they can be hard to read.

Some formal fonts can be very difficult to read when used for small sized texts. If you are planning on writing a lot of information in small texts, it might be advisable to go for plainer fonts and just utilize your chosen font on the main part of the invitation.

Make sure to check if your font looks good in all caps and has the special characters and numbers that you might need.

Remember that you will be using the term RSVP, the ampersand, and numbers on your invitation so this is something to consider.

If possible, try out the different fonts and color schemes on draft invitation cards so you can how they would actually come out before deciding on the final look.

Do Not Crowd the Invitation with Too Much Information

When writing the content of your invitation, it is best that you stick to only the important details.

Here is the crucial information that you need to include in your invitation:

  • The name of the host
  • The names of the groom and the bride
  • The date, time and location of the ceremony
  • Information about the reception
  • Dress code

Adding more than what is necessary will force you to make the invitation text smaller.

This makes it hard to read despite choosing the right font well. Make sure that you get a draft with all the information so you can double-check it for errors.


happy wedding

Once you have your final draft checked for any errors, bring it to somebody else who can recheck it.

Having a couple of fresh eyes look over the information can be helpful in finding any overlooked misspellings or any other errors.

After making sure that the invitation's designs are to your liking and the contents are perfect, give your printer the go-ahead to print the invitations.

Do this as early as possible so you can send them out immediately.

If you can, have the invitations ordered four months before the big day to give your guests enough time to prepare and RSVP, that would be ideal.

You will need a few weeks longer if you plan on getting the texts done by a calligrapher. Once they are out, you can proceed to the next item on your list of things-to-do for your wedding.

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