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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations UK


As you know, creating the perfect wedding experience begins with choosing the right laser cut wedding card ( if this is your preferred design). It is a reflection of the couple’s personality, taste, and creativity, which sets off the tone for the wedding event. 

Further down in this article you will find our best sellers and new 2020 Collection laser cut wedding invitations uk.

Laser cut wedding invitations and rustic wedding invitations available at Wedding Cards UK, are great choices for an elegant wedding.

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 Why Laser Cut Wedding Invitations?

  Apart from showcasing style, taste, and creativity, laser cut cards are delicately beautiful. The intricate design makes it memorable, which is what your guests should experience.

You do not want them forgetting the date or venue, do you?

Of course not, which is why a laser cut wedding invites is the right choice. Make them feel special with these beautiful laser cut invites.

Laser Cut Tree Wedding Invitations 

Laser Cut Tree Wedding Invitations - weddingcardsuk.com

Beautiful Laser Cut Tree Wedding Invitation With Bridge And Newlyweds In Heart Shape Combined With River And Flowers. This Laser Cut Invite Can Be Match Perfectly With Nature Theme Wedding, Rustic Type Event. By Using Kraft Paper For The Printing Part We Achieve So-called 3D Wedding Invitations.

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 Laser cut wedding invitations – the making.

  Over the years, Laser cut invitations have become more popular. With each design looking more intricate than the other, wondering how it’s made is only natural. Well, laser cut invitations are made by using laser technology to cut the materials.

First, the designs are cut by directing the output of a high power laser, commonly through optics.

The laser optics and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) are used to direct the laser beam or material being cut.

The focused beam leaves a high-quality surface finish after the cut, by melting, burning or vaporization.

Gatefold Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Gatefold Laser Cut Wedding Invitations


 CHAMPAGNE COLOR GATEFOLD LEASER CUT WEDDING INVITATIONS. Flower Ornaments Combined With High-Quality White Pearl Paper. 

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  Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Four Sides Opening

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Four Sides Opening

Luxury Four Sides Opening Cream Floral Design Laser Cut Wedding Invitation With Ribbon.

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Laser cutting technology produces perfect designs and high-quality output. 

It is not only perfect; it also gives off a sense of class and elegance.

Laser cut designs

 With laser cutting technology, there is no limit to possible designs. The only limit there is, is that of creativity. Laser cut designs are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

At Wedding Cards UK, we have a wide variety of designs that have been creatively made, that you will love.

Laser Cut Pocket Wedding Invitations 

Laser Cut Pocket Wedding Invitations


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Laser Cut Envelope Wedding Invitation 

  A laser cut envelope is the perfect packaging for laser cut wedding invitations. It is stunning and creates a bold statement that ensures your wedding is remembered for a long time.

The beauty of laser envelopes is the ability to use it to complete multiple-piece invitations that are not laser cut.

You can combine invitations like foiled invitations with laser envelopes.

Laser Cut Envelope Wedding Invitation

CREAM PEARL COLOR Laser Cut Envelope Wedding Invitations. Beautiful and luxury laser cut envelope wedding cards with. High-quality paper, pearl effect, pearl,  envelope included.

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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Uk 2020 Collection

 2020 Collection Just Arrived, enjoy the beauty and precision of each unique design. We mixed beautiful flowery drawings and laser cut technology to achieve this unique style.

This collection laser cut invites UK can be matched perfectly with nature wedding theme, outdoor events, spring, summer or autumn weddings.

Laser Cut Embossed Envelope With Floral Design Wedding Invitation

laser cut wedding invitations

Beautiful Laser Cut Embossed Envelope Wedding Invitations With Flowery Printing Part. Wedding invitations Online, High-Quality Laser Cut Wedding Cards, Envelope Not Included. Perfect Combination Between Rustic Style And Laser Cut Technology.

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 Laser Cut Flower Design Wedding Invitations

laser cut wedding invitations

Beautiful Luxury Laser Cut Flower Design Wedding Invitations With Flowery Printing Part. Wedding invitations Online, High-Quality Rustic Printing Paper, Envelope Not Included. Perfect Combination Between Rustic Motives And Laser Cut Technology. 

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 Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

laser cut wedding invitations

Beautiful Luxury Laser Cut Wedding Invitations. High-quality paper with gold print ornaments envelope not included. 2020 Collection Just Release, Free Printing Promotion Limited Time Only! 

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations With Vintage Printing Part:

Laser Cut Floral Wedding Invitation 


laser cut wedding invitations

Floral Spring Colors Laser Cut Wedding Invitations with flowery effects and vintage printing part. High-quality vintage paper, envelope not included. New Models 2020 Collection Laser Cut Wedding Invitations.

Flowery Laser Cut Wedding Invitations With Vintage Printing Part

 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Invitations!

  There are three main considerations to take into an account when choosing your own laser cut wedding invites uk.

Please read carefully and further down in this article we will show you a few examples of laser cut invitations.

 1.How you will be delivering them, by hand or by post.

This can influence the type of design and the size of the invites. Some wedding invitations designs are very sophisticated, for example, laser cut cards need to be handled with great caution in order to avoid any damages.

This type of laser cut wedding cards is very sophisticated and you need to take into consideration how you will deliver them.

2.How much time you have before the wedding.

It can take a while to assemble, print and receive your laser cut wedding cards, especially in pic times. You will need to prepare your wording correctly in order to speed up the process and avoid corrections.

Sometimes wedding couples desire is to have long wording which cannot fit into the preferred invites and need to compromise between the wording and desire laser wedding invitations uk.

Some wedding cards have small printing part and this may be a problem so please have in mind when choosing your invites to take this into consideration.

3.How many invitations you will need.

Always order more wedding invites then you need. This will save you time if you need to reprint more invites in case you don’t have enough. In busy times, it can take us up to 14 days to reprint and dispatch orders.

Please order an extra 10 to 15 wedding cards to avoid this inconvenience. 

4.Choosing Hand Made Invites

If you choose handmade wedding invites be aware that it can take much more time to source the materials and assemble the cards.

Most of the times it can be more expensive and time-consuming if you choose handmade cards.

Also, you need to take into consideration how many wedding cards you will need. If you have a small wedding ceremony with 30-40 guest you will need 20 to 25 invites which is ok.

Bigger weddings with a larger guest list can be a problem. We recommend any orders of 30 invites and above to be ordered online. Save yoursef time and money just order from an established website.

Our advice is to choose invites from wholesalers or manufactories like us at  weddingcardsuk.com. 

We produce in large quantities to avoid this problem. We always have in stock at least 2-3 thousand from each model wedding card.

If you decided to make your own laser cut wedding invites, make sure you have enough time on your hands and order all your materials in large quantities.

In most cases, you will end up pay more than ordering ready-made wedding invitations and then it’s the printing part which can be expensive.

Our team of printing specialist is highly trained in this type of work. There is a long process involved in arranging the fonts, monograms, and actual wording before printing.

You will need to have good knowledge of working with Coral Draw program. Most people have difficulties printing their own invitations.

Wedding theme and Wedding invitations cards

Choosing a wedding theme is a great way to align everything concerning your wedding. From wedding gown to decorations, sitting arrangement, menu, music, and even laser cut wedding cards.

Whether it’s a glamorous, fun, homey or rustic theme, there is a wedding invitation design to match.

However, I am certain you plan to make your wedding stand out, begin with the wedding invitations cards.

A great way to do that is to use our laser cut invitations for your perfect day.


Rustic wedding invitations

The rustic wedding invitations for your wedding is the first thing your wedding guests will see, which tells a lot about your wedding.

It will give them information about the when, where and what, plus the extra info about you (not just your names).

It is the key that opens the door to the theme, tone, and style of the wedding. Because of this all-important role, you should pick your wedding invitation with the utmost sense of importance.

rustic wedding invitations

If you love the outdoors or want something traditional or out of the ordinary, then a rustic wedding invitation cards are just perfect.

You could do great outdoor locations during summer, or not-so-regular places like a stylish barn or a winery.

With rustic, it’s all about nature.

Rustic wedding invitations and style

Sometimes, when people hear rustic, the first thing that comes to mind is old and outdated.

However, the reverse is the case. These days, rustic is trendy and our rustic wedding invitations are elegant and beautiful, with simple and detailed designs.

heart gatefold wedding invitation

Be one with nature

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, a rustic wedding invitation is a great way to creatively showcase your love.

Owls and foxes or something with birds and hand-painted trees is always a popular choice.

With a rustic wedding theme, you can go with more creative invitation design options.

You can use old-fashioned style calligraphy or a background image of nature. Maybe even the spot you’re getting married as a nice tie-in.

rustic wedding invitations

Choosing your rustic wedding invitations

Now that it’s time to choose your rustic invitations, you have to get crafty. Knowing the elements that create the natural rustic feel of an invitation helps you make the right choice of rustic design and the invitation to use.

The elements of a rustic invitation are very vital to achieving the desired theme.

Elements of rustic invitations

  • Kraft paper

Kraft paper (especially brown) is the perfect piece to start a rustic wedding invitation. It is simple, yet stylish and sets the natural tone that fits the rustic theme. It is a foundational piece that adds to the natural color palette of a rustic theme.

  • Burlap

Burlap is a coarsely woven fabric. It is traditionally used to make sacks to store goods such as grains and vegetables. It is very affordable and widely available from craft and fabric stores.

Burlap’s farmhouse charm will lend an authenticity and homeliness to your rustic wedding.

Burlap is a super versatile material. It is a key ingredient in the décor of any rustic weddings, which goes beyond invitations, to being incorporated widely across decorations.

Ways to incorporate burlap into rustic invitations

There are several ways to incorporate burlap into a rustic invitation.

  • A simple and popular option is to feature a strip of burlap at the top of your invitation.
  • Use a strip of burlap to hold the components of the wedding card invitation together: RSVP card and invite.
  • You can create a layer of the burlap as your stationery backing element, forming a beautiful visual distinction and a tangible sense of depth.
  • You can also use Burlap to create a stylish envelope to box invitations. You can simply tie them together or place them in a pouch that has pockets.


Lace is one element that is almost always involved in wedding invitations. But for rustic invitations, it is very important. It contributes to the personalized feel that is so important in rustic weddings. Unique functions of lace in rustic invitations

rustic wedding invitations


  • Provide an attractive feminine or girlish contrast to rougher materials like twine and burlap.
  • Like burlap, it provides a bright binding element in order to keep your wedding invitation odds and end organized in an appealing way.
  • It is mainly used as an adjourning technique, particularly if your wedding card invitation is brown, beige, or kraft paper.
  • Lifts a bare color scheme by using refined touches of white.
  • Corresponds with the dress of the bride, accessories, veil, and so much more.


Lace and burlap are great for tying everything together, but twine is perfect! We know that twines are traditionally used for drawstring bags, plant tying or knots.

They are also used to link packages and personal letters and back in the day. This is why using it for your invitation will give it a special vintage feel that is uncommon and so rustic.

A twine serves both purely aesthetic and practical functions in weddings. Like burlap and lace, it contributes to the handmade and personalized feel of a rustic wedding.

All twine bows carry the suggestion of being tied using the hands. Also, it is an appealing symbol of the couple ‘tying the knot’.

More so, it works perfectly as a component of rustic invitations because it is incorporated into your stationery effortlessly.

It looks so beautiful layered over burlap or lace in a simple or basic bow.

You should make use of Twine to tie the wedding invitation elements together and it is quite easy to add a little decoration or style to the bow like an extra tag, a heart, a sprig of lavender, or a dried flower).

With these versatile materials (burlap, lace, and twine), your rustic invitations cards will look unique, simple or just as you want it.

The moment your guests open the invitations cards, they will discover exactly how lovely, intimate and unique your wedding ceremony will be.


Our offer!!!

At Wedding Cards UK, we thrive on creating the best wedding invitation designs to help you paint the first image of your union.


We have a large selection of high-quality invitation cards that are in style. Because we understand the trends, you will find our invitation cards are trendy and perfect for the most glamorous and elegant weddings.

What’s more?

We are aware wedding planning is time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming, so we do not waste more of your time with delays.

Our printing its FREE and deliveries are quick.

Make your life easier by choosing your laser cut wedding invitations from our store and get free printing.

For this reason, you should check out our collection of laser cut wedding invitations and rustic wedding invitations today.

Choosing your own wedding invitations, it’s probably one of the most exciting ventures you will ever be involved in.

This is your own chance to put something of your own character and style into those wedding invitations to make part of your wedding intimate to both you and your family, it’s your chance to make your special day unique.

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