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Groomsmen Gift Ideas- 10 Amazing Gift Ideas

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Your days are becoming filled with wedding planning and romance.

As the exciting day approaches, you will be checking things off your list. Your anticipation is growing, this is an exciting time, and for the lucky ones, it is a time that only comes around once.  You want the day to be perfect.

This make you worried. Worried that you may be forgetting something or worrying that it may rain on that special day.

The weather cannot be controlled or even predicted with one-hundred percent accuracy. Lucky for you, you can ensure that you’ve crossed all of your t’s and dotted all of your i’s in your wedding plan with a simple wedding checklist.

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One of the things on that checklist that tends to be forgotten by the bride-to-be is the bridal party gifts! Your bridal party is a big help.

They help with the wedding planning and provide the soon-to-be married couple with support. Your bridal party plays a key role in your wedding.

Groomsmen have one of the most important roles. These men support the groom in giving up his bachelor status to become a husband. They pay for the bachelor party, their outfit for the ceremony, and maybe even a flight or hotel room.

So, you need to get them an amazing gift. There are a few things you should consider when purchasing gifts for your groomsmen.

  1. Is the gift unique?
  2. Will the groomsmen use it?
  3. Can the gift be kept for sentimental value?
  4. Do you want the groomsmen to laugh?
  5. Would you consider your friends to be drinkers?

Your groomsmen gifts should be:

  1. Unique
  2. Traditional
  3. Thoughtful
  4. Representative of the relationship

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, especially if you’re in a pinch. This list is made up of the best groomsmen gifts you could possibly find.

These 10 amazing gift ideas can be waiting for you on your doorstep within the next 3-10 business days.

  1. To My Groomsmen, Pocket Watch

This is a great sentimental gift for groomsmen of any age. The engraved message on the back is heartfelt and allows the gift to hold sentimental value. The pocket watch will serve as a harbinger of memories.

Pocket watches, in general, preserve family traditions and serve as a symbol of our history. The gift is very unique. Pocket watches are not typically given to groomsmen as a wedding gift. Can you think of a better gift?

engraved pocket watch


  1. Grey Leather Hip Flask

It’s not a written rule that groomsmen have to get drunk at a wedding, but it happens without fail anyways. This unwritten rule makes flasks an amazing wedding gift, they can fill the flask with their favorite liquor, or tuck it away as a symbol of your very special day.

Give them this unique flask to drink from on your special day. These “groomsmen” engraved flasks are really cool and will allow them to look back on your wedding for years to come.

Grey Leather Hip Flask

  1. Men’s Wedding Cufflinks

Love the idea of giving cufflinks for groomsmen gifts? These cufflinks are perfect. They contain romantic script writing on black squares. This feature will allow them to blend perfectly with the suit or tux the groomsmen will be wearing.

Giving cufflinks is such a great idea because they can wear them on the special day and keep them as a sentimental item for later. Another great idea would be to gift cufflinks with the groomsman’s initials on them. The cufflinks could be used for other occasions in the future.

Men’s Wedding Cufflinks


  1. Personalized Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are an incredibly common groomsman gift and wedding favor. It’s a classic gift that people will understand. Sometimes classic items are the best items, they’re traditional, and people love them. That’s how they became a common wedding gift.

These particular bottle openers are great because the groomsmen’s name can be engraved on the front of it. It’s a celebration! They can use their bottle openers, drink up, and celebrate!

Personalized Bottle Openers

Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Set

Whiskey glasses are a great gift for any man, especially a groomsman. These whiskey stones and glasses are a little more expensive than some of the other gifts, but they are very versatile. The gift can be used multiple times, rather than just one day.

The glasses are gorgeous. The stones and glasses come ready to gift in an adorable gift box. The gift set in incredible. Your soon-to-be husband’s, best men will absolutely love this groomsman gift.

Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Set


  1. Engraved Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

An excellent example of practical gift giving. Water bottles are so popular to give because there is no doubt in whether, or not, the item will be used. These bottles definitely will be used. They will be used all of the time.

These black stainless-steel water bottles are personalized with the groomsmen’s engraved names. They look great and the stainless-steel material will ensure your water stays cool and refreshing all day long.

Engraved Stainless-Steel Water Bottle


  1. Groomsman Survival Kit-

Is this an awesome idea or what? A groomsman survival kit is a totally unique gift idea. This item can be purchased at Amazon, or you could even create your own.

When creating your own, be sure to select items that mean something to you and your groomsmen.

You could really make this gift personal with thoughtful gifts and cards. The kit on Amazon includes several items with cards that include the reason the item is included.

Every last-minute item a groomsman would need for the big day could be included in a groomsman survival kit.

Groomsman Survival Kit

  1. Personalized Pub Pint Glass

This pint glass is personalized with your groomsman’s position in the wedding and name. The bride and grooms name, and the date of the wedding are on the bottom of the glass. Another unique groomsman gift.

Your groomsman is likely to use this glass at your wedding to drink and celebrate with the happy couple. The gift can be kept for sentimental value or be used at a later date. This gift would be really great if you have a groomsman with a collection of cups or glasses.

Personalized Pub Pint Glass


  1. A Man Card

This gift is sure to make your groomsman laugh. The “man card,” is a figurative card that could be taken for doing something your friends consider unmanly. When an unmanly act is committed, the friend swoops in to announce that he’s swiping your man card.

The “man card” is a running joke that many men laugh about. The card is especially comical because men lose their man card when they get married. This groomsman edition man card is not so figurative.

This man card includes four codes, or rules, to follow on the big day. These rules are given to the groomsmen from the groom. Gift the groomsmen’s edition of the man card to your groomsmen to get a few laughs and start the day off right.

A Man Card

Groomsman Cigar Tube

This cigar tube is engraved with the word, groomsman. The tube will protect the cigar from becoming stale or broken. The best way to give this gift is with a cigar inside of it. Your groomsmen will need a cigar to smoke with you after you tie the know.

Tradition implies that men use cigars to celebrate. Men smoke cigars when babies are born and, (you guessed it!) at weddings.  After smoking the cigars, the tubes will still be there. The tubes can be kept to represent the big day.

Groomsman Cigar Tube


Personalized gifts are always great options, they allow the receiver of the gift to feel special. Something about a personalized gift gives the impression that you care a lot about someone.

That you were thinking of them, this is why engraved gifts are so great. Your groomsmen will appreciate anything you give them. Try to give them a gift that’s unique to their interests and the relationship between you.

Gifts related to drinking tend to be a big hit for groomsmen. Groomsmen are known for drinking heavily in celebration of the groom settling down.

So, pint glasses, whiskey glasses, or flasks are all great ideas. Just figure out what your groomsmen like to drink, if you don’t already know, and gift them something to drink it out of.


Now that you’ve covered your groomsmen gifts, you should move on with your wedding planning. Have you bought your bridesmaids’ gifts? Your gifts for your parents?

There’s lots to do and you are on a deadline. Good luck with all of your wedding planning endeavors.

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