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Elegant and Unique Wedding Card Box Ideas

Congratulations on this special time in your life!

You are on an incredible journey to the altar. No doubt it is very exciting and happy for you...but at the same time very stressful!

We want to help.

We want to give you some ideas you can use for the card box at your reception. Friends and family will be bringing you plenty of useful gifts and generous cards for you newlyweds.

Keep those cards safe with our box ideas.

Our card boxes aim to be:

  • Useful
  • Beautiful
  • Unique
  • Very “You”
  • Affordable

Every bride and groom's wedding is special on its own way, so don't overlook the card box! It will be worth it when you open the box after friend and family have left, and you can see all the lovely well wishes inside.

Some of these you can do yourself. Others can be bought. So, whether you are crafty or not at all, we have you covered.

Onto the boxes!

Mr. and Mrs. Photo Wedding Box

Here is a pretty box that is great just the way it is, in case you are not too crafty!

It is a classic and great-priced wedding card box.

The personalization on this one is a cinch.

You simply add in the photos of yourself and your fiancé, and you have a card box that is unique and beautiful on its own.

No extra steps needed if you wish!

It’s made of nice sturdy plastic, so even if something spills on it, you can wipe it down.

Cards will stay nice and dry in the event that it rains outside on your special day (Rain on your wedding day is good luck).

There is cute typography on the side that reads “Mr. and Mrs.” It has a cute rustic wood-look finish too it.

You may not even realize it is plastic until you pick it up for the first time. Plus, if you’ve got fears of your box falling, worry not.

The plastic will keep everything safe and together.

This is an idea that is simple, elegant, looks great and will be fine for any bride with any color scheme.

This one is perfect if you’re pressed for time or just would like to stay on budget.

You can get one here from Belk

Pinata Card Eater

Do you and your fiancé like to laugh?

Do you love funny little creatures that have cute faces and cause smiles to crack out?

Then this is the card box for you.

If you are a bride who likes to see things on the quirky side of life, or if you have kids, consider this card box.

Your younger guests will love to “feed” their cards to the pinata, and so will adults. These funky pinatas are all custom made.

You can choose all your colors and such. And the other winning thing is that he is wearing a top hat. C’mon, your groom isn’t going to be the only dapper guy at the reception!

And if you really feel like it, you and your husband can break the pinata later as if you were kids getting candy at the birthday party.

Only this time, it’s well wishes for a happy life from your friends and family!

You can get one here from Etsy

Birdcage Card Holder

A classic birdcage is just so pretty and elegant.

This one we have featured is something else. It is simple and nice on its own, but it would do well with a garland of flowers on it that reflect your wedding colors.

The top of the lid is removable so cards can be taken out when it’s all over with.

Your guests can slip their cards in easily on the sides with no fuss and no muss.

It is white in color, so you can simply enjoy the simplicity and it will go with every wedding color scheme.

You might even spray-paint it gold or silver, depending on your own colors. Customizing it is not hard at all!

This is a tried and true card box that looks great in any setting.

Find one here on Amazon.com

Treasure Chest Card Box

Do you feel like your fiancé is a treasure, a real keeper?

If so, this is the card box for you. It is rustic in nature and will look great at an outdoor wedding near the woods or in a park.

It is neutral in color, so the scheme won’t clash or look weird with your choices.

You can place it right on the table and with the word “love” on the front, everybody will know where the cards go.

You can even get it customized with your initials, too. That’s even better! This particular box comes in many sizes, too.

You can get whichever size you need depending on how big or small your guest list is.

And you will enjoy filling this box with souvenirs of your honeymoon, too!

You can get one at Etsy here.

Old Mailbox Painted Your Color (or, a New Mailbox for Cards)

The link leads to a mailbox you can purchase in a variety of colors to suit your wedding needs.

You can stencil or put decals on the side of the mailbox. Your guests will know just where to put the cards and it looks clean and classic with no worries.

But what’s even better is upcycling an old mailbox. Do you or someone you know not need their old mailbox anymore?

Ask if you can have it, then spray paint it with whatever color matches your wedding.

You can put stencils or a wedding decal on the outside, or have an artistic friend write your initials in pretty calligraphy.

It is a nice way to breathe new life into an old object and does not need to cost much!

Get one at Joann here

Vintage Suitcase Card Box

Do you have an old suitcase that perhaps your grandma carried on her trips to college?

Do you have a thrift store nearby that might have an old suitcase you can use to put cards in? If so, you need only clean up the suitcase and drape a banner that says “cards” over the top of the open lid, and you have yourself a cool card box.

It’s great for destination weddings, or people who really love to travel and want to show it.

Your suitcase can be any size, too-it can be a cool round one from the 1960s, or even a bigger one covered in old travel stickers.

No matter your choice, your guests will no doubt find it quirky, fun and cool.

Even if you do not have the above things, you can certainly purchase a vintage-looking suitcase to put your treasured cards in.

And an added bonus is that you can close it up and close the latches at the end of the night, so everything is protected and safe as you head for the honeymoon.

Find this one on Etsy.

Coach Card Box

Here is a card box for all the brides out there who know today is their special day-that they are the queens today they’ve always felt like being.

Your Cinderella story starts today-and what better way to do that than with a pumpkin-coach inspired card box?

This lovely coach looks just like the one Cinderella rode in when she went to meet her Prince Charming at the ball. It’s gorgeous in its white colors, and decorated in pretty beads all over,

When the sun or the overhead lights catch this, it will sparkle. And you can only imagine how pretty it would look in your home after the wedding is over as a centerpiece or even filled with silk flowers.

There is a nice door on one side of the coach so that after the reception is over, you can easily remove the cards.

What a royal way to celebrate your special day!

This one can be found on Michaels.com

DIY Card Box

Are you a bride that loves to be crafty and customize everything?

You are in luck. This website provides you a great lesson on what it takes to make your own DIY card box. You can be eco-friendly and budget conscious all in one.

You collect some boxes of varying sizes, and then stack them up from the largest on bottom to the smaller ones on top.

The goal is to create a stacked box. You can then cut a hole in the top or side of the boxes.

You can cover the boxes with burlap, fabric, wrapping paper and other crafty materials.

The sky’s the limit and the color choices are all yours. You can add pretty ribbons, crystals, or gems to the box.

You might even add your names or the date for added effect.

Other cool accessories include feathers, old brooches and buttons, and even photographs of you and your fiancé.

Many brides do this, and you should see what others have done if you are stumped!

You can totally DIY this one - instructions at Instructables.com 


Don’t let this wedding planning stress you out. Everything is going to be lovely, and your card box is no exception.

Finding a card box is easy, and the best part is that you can easily find one that suits you and your spouse to be.

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