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"Bride Buddy" Wedding Planners In Essex, Kent & Kefalonia, Greece!

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Your Wedding – Your Way!

Bride Buddy is a unique service offering Experienced Fun Celebrants & Wedding Planners in Essex, Kent UK & Kefalonia, Greece. We make your dream wedding a reality by offering alternative ceremonies without the restrictions of a civil  ceremony.  Bespoke, personal, affordable Your day - Your way.  The Bride Buddy team are former UK Registrars and we are dedicated to making sure we give you nothing less than our best. Focused, and proud of what we do with years of experience and knowledge. Completely trusting each other which means you know that you can trust us too.

 Our celebrants are located across Essex & Kent and in Kefalonia, Greece, where we also have a full wedding planning service.  We work with you - one to one, to create a ceremony that has special significance to you both.   We also offer help and guidance on any legalities involved, and plenty of sound advice.

 Within England & Wales wedding ceremonies are restricted by law as to what can and cannot be said and done and they are also limited by the kind of venue where the wedding can take place.  More and more couples are looking for something less standard and more personal to them and are opting for a celebrant ceremony following a formal registration of their marriage at the Register Office.

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How does it work?

  •  By having a simple legal marriage at the Register Office first, usually with just you and two witnesses, there is nothing in law stopping you having a big celebratory wedding ceremony anywhere you want to or abroad afterwards. 
  • This is a way to have a separate ceremony that will enhance the occasion by giving you the opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony in a place that has special significance to you both without restrictions. 
  • Perhaps you would like a celebration in your garden, on your allotment, in the woods, on the beach, abroad etc – where ever you want (subject to permission)

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 Couples who have been in touch with us are happy to book a venue that is licensed by the register office but the registrars were fully booked on the day of their choice, others just wanted to have a more bespoke ceremony at the same venue.

 Some marriages are inter-faith and with a celebrant ceremony any symbolic aspects can be included.

A celebrant ceremony has no restrictions over place or time, large or small gatherings, woodlands, beaches, gardens fields, or your favourite pub, club or restaurant.

Are you looking for a bespoke ceremony for your same sex or LGBT wedding?Just get in touch.

We have performed hand fasting ceremonies, sand and water ceremonies, ceremonies with religious or symbolic elements and even one that spoke about 'our place in the Universe. '

All the elements that are important to you both can be included and friends and family can take part and contribute too. 

Are you considering getting married in Kefalonia Greece? Whether you are looking for something small and intimate or you would like to make it a large family affair there are so many options to choose from. We are also happy to help if you are looking for a same sex or LGBT wedding. As well as creating a personal ceremony for you we can also organise all the legal requirements here in Kefalonia along with expert professional guidance on the documentation process in the UK.

With our full wedding planning service we can offer you a fantastic wedding day, here in the Greek sunshine for you and 20 guests for under £4000.

Next year, Bride Buddy are expanding their options and will be available to book for your wedding in France.  Watch this space!


Check out the website today at www.bride-buddy.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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