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7 Ways to Embellish Your Wedding Invitations

Fancy Wedding Card

Your wedding invitation is more than a few words printed onto a sheet of paper. While invitations can sometimes end up on the backburner during the planning process, they are just as important in defining your wedding’s personality and deserve some care and attention.

True, it is all paper in the end, but that does not mean you cannot transform the paper in some way.

You can create some of the most memorable wedding invitations by swapping out elements or adding color and texture. It is your special day, and as such, every detail should be a reflection of you.

Here are 7 ways you can make your wedding invitation suite memorable and unique.

1. Customize Your Belly Band

A belly band is a practical addition to any invitation package because it functions to keep everything neat and together.

However, functionality does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

You can dress up your belly band for extra flair.

A belly band is a great place to utilize a pattern or motif that appears elsewhere in your invitation package.

You can also personalize your belly band by adding a tag that has the bride and groom’s names, a saying, or, if you have one, a monogram.

The tag can also help create more depth to your invitation suite if you layer the tag or use foam inserts to give it a lifted, 3D floating effect.

We love the effect of this wedding invitation suite from Wedding Cards UK that features a belly band that is complementary color to the flower detailing of the invitation in addition to a name tag on the front to tie it all together.

2. Play Around with Paper Colors & Designs

A basic embellishment is to simply step away from the standard white or off-white colored paper for your invitation.

There is a variety of colors and designs out there that can create different moods and tones than the basic white.

For example, this classy and rustic invitation features the beautiful addition of a flower border.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Meanwhile, this laser cut invitation suite matches its pure white envelope with a rustic brown paper.

Changing up the paper color is a great and easy way to reflect the theme of the wedding and the personalities of the bride and groom.

Swapping out the paper color and design also brings a little more depth to your invitation. 

3. Layering & Matting

In addition to changing up the paper color and design, you can also embellish your invitation suite by adding a textured layer.

From mimicking wood grain to mimicking swirling clouds or flowers, there is a variety of embossed paper designs out there that can add a special texture to your wedding invitation suite.

This luxury wedding invitation features a textured layer of swirls and butterflies that surrounds a plain invitation card.

While it is all the same tone of color, the texture definitely adds a touch of elegance to the invitation. Additionally, embossed, textured paper can add contrast to a solid colored invitation, and it can also add an extra layer of stability to prevent any bending or tearing.

4. Add A Decorative Edge

    Ditch the standard, 5x7 shaped invitation for something with a little more character and personality.

    Rather than the sharp corners of a rectangular invitation card, you can round out the corners to give a twist to the otherwise traditional shape.

    You can step even further out of the box by giving your invitation a beautiful scalloped edge like this  wedding invitation suite.

    Or, to really emphasize the love on the day of your wedding day, have your invitations printed on heart-shaped paper like this luxurious, classic wedding invitation from Wedding Cards UK.

    Decorative wedding card

    Rather than having a stack of similarly shaped cards, decorative edges can make your invitation suite stand out more with more interactive shapes and designs.

    5. Pocketfold

    Much like a belly band, a pocketfold keeps the contents of your wedding invitation suite organized and protects it from any potential damage during delivery. Aside from that, a pocketfold elevates the practicality of a standard envelope.

    Pocketfolds comes in a variety of colors, sizes and designs so you can easily match them to your theme.

    Wedding Cards UK actually puts a cool twist on the pocketfold by designing a variety of invitation packages with pocketfolds and gatefolds that feature different laser cut designs.

    The laser cut effect creates an almost window pane effect that adds more dimension to your invitations.

    6. Personalize the Envelope Liner

    Surprise your guests by embellishing the envelope liner. Try to add a splash of color to the envelope liner.

    You can also add a special design, like a pattern made out of your customized monogram.

    The envelope liner also provides more stability to the wedding invitation suite to prevent in transit damage.

    Whatever you add to the inside of the envelope liner will be a nice contrast to your invitation suite. It will give your whole package a little bit of flair and personality.

    7. Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

    One last way to embellish your invitations is by using a wax seal. It is an elegent and impressive addition to any invitation suite and can actually done at home!

    All you need is a glue gun or a gold wax sticks and a wax stamper, and you can add an instant touch of glamour to your invitation suite.

     Signed and sealed wedding invite


    Whether you are not sparing any expense on your special day, or you are a stickler with your budget, your wedding invitation suite should be as special as your wedding day. 

    Fortunately, there are several companies out there that provide a variety of services for designing and printing your wedding invitations, such as Wedding Cards UK.

    If you do want to customize your invitation designs, but do not know where to start, we hope our short list can give you some idea of how to take your invitations from good to great.

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