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20 Best Honeymoon Destinations On a Budget

What every couple wants is to start their marriage with a nice honeymoon. Rest, relax, go sightseeing, it can’t get any better than that.

A common belief is that honeymoons are a way too expensive so couples who are on a tighter budget usually assume there's not much they can do to visit some beautiful destination.


Here are 20 wonderful destinations that you can visit on your honeymoon (yes, even on a budget).

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy is one of the most romantic destinations you can visit. Although it's easy to conclude going to Italy is expensive the reality is much different.

You can have a great honeymoon on a budget in lovely Florence.

The best time to visit Florence is between May and September, i.e. when weather is warmer as you get to experience Italy in all its glory.

Florence is abundant in museums, galleries, cathedrals, and other piazzas. Some things to see in this city include Piazza Della Signoria, Duomo, Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, Boboli Gardens.

Daily costs of budget travel in Florence are €61 (£54). Prices in budget hotels range from €75 to €140. There’s a lot of things you can do to save money when on honeymoon in Florence.

For instance, you can book a room in a hotel on the outskirts and opt to dine and shop in places where locals do.

Restaurants, bars, and shops where tourists tend to go are usually more expensive.


Thailand Honeymoon

Thailand is a beautiful country and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Such an exotic place may seem too expensive, but the truth is that Thailand is a type of place that people can visit regardless of the budget. You can find rooms ranging from £2.38 to £793.44.

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and April making it a perfect spot for couples who get married during winter.

If you're into backing, you'll need about 825-1150 BHT (£19.84 to £27.77) a day. On a budget of 1600 BHT (£40) a day you can fly between some destinations in Thailand, eat more delicious seafood dinners, take more tours and activities, and sleep in better hotels.

Things to do in Thailand are numerous such as snorkelling, visit the Grand Palace, get a Thai massage, eat Thai street food, take a day trip to Ayutthaya, and so much more.

Prague, Czech Republic



Prague is a picturesque city in the heart of Europe that never disappoints. The best time to visit this lovely city is spring and early fall when the weather is mild. Plus, during hot summer days, Prague is crowded with tourists.

The city is packed with affordable accommodation options from hostels to hotels. Room prices in hostels go from 238 Kč (£8.29) to 406 Kč (£14).

On the other hand getting a room in three-star hotel costs about £70 a night. Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast which is something you need to consider when booking a room.

Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague castle are just some of many things to see in this beautiful city.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh is a resort town in Egypt known for the sheltered sandy beaches, coral reefs, and clear waters.

The Pearl of the Red Sea is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples, regardless of their budget.

The ideal time to visit this beautiful spot in April as well as October – November. Daily costs in Sharm el-Sheikh can go as low as LE600 (£26) while major tourist site admissions are between LE60-200 (£2-8).

Basic double rooms on a budget are usually about LE170 (£7.50) while midrange air-con rooms are about £23 a night.

Things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh include snorkelling, camel rides, Mount Sinai sunrise climb, quad runner bike adventures, a day trip to Cairo, and others.

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Vienna, Austria



If you're looking for a fairytale-like honeymoon destination, then Vienna is the right choice.

The best time to visit Vienna is April – May period or September – October when weather is mild, and there's less crowd.

Daily costs of budget travel to Vienna are approximately €62 (£55) while budget hotels prices vary from €90-150 (£80-134) a night.

Many Viennese men and women rent out their homes to visitors thus allowing you to save up on your trip there.

Schonbrunn Palace, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Stephen’s Cathedral are just some of many lovely places to see in this city.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain Honeymoon

While Brits usually go to Tenerife to party Madrid is a great spot for a honeymoon. The largest Spanish city offers affordable accommodations throughout the year, great nightlife, vibrant culture, and so much more.

Daily costs of budget travel in Madrid are about €56 (£50). Some tourist attractions are free while visits to other places range from €3 to €15 (£2.70-13).

Prices at budget hotels range from €50-110 (£13-98) a night. Madrid has a lot of places you can visit such as Prado Museum, Retiro Park, but also has many beautiful restaurants, bars, clubs, and you name it.

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Marsa Alam is a resort town in Egypt on the Red Sea. Like Sharm el-Sheikh it’s famous for its coral reefs and sandy beaches. Spring and early fall are the best time to visit this breathtaking place.

Daily costs of the budget stay in Marsala Alam are as low as LE600 (£26.58). Basic hotel room for guests on a budget costs LE170 (£7.50) a night on average while midrange prices are about £23.80.

You two can have fun engaging in various activities such as snorkelling, visiting Port of El Quseir and an ancient Gold Mine, visiting the Magnificent Karnak Temple, and so much more.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has a warm climate, diverse architecture, winding alleys, rolling hills, and many other things that make it a great spot for your honeymoon.

The best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October.

Daily costs of budget travel in Lisbon are €38 (£34). While visiting some attractions such as Museu Colecao Berardo is free prices for other locations range from €6 (£5.40) for Torre de Belem to €14-17 (£12.60-15.30) for Ocenario de Lisboa.

The price of a stay in budget hotels is about €45-100 (£40.50-89.90) a night.

Rome, Italy

Honeymoon Rome

The Eternal City is a great choice for your honeymoon. From romantic Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain and Colosseum are some of many beautiful attractions in Rome.

The best time to visit the City on Seven Hills is between October and April when weather isn't too hot, and the city isn't too crowded.

The daily cost of budget travel in Rome is €68 (£61), and visits to many attractions are free. For example, you can visit Pantheon, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and Basilica of St. John Lateran is free, but climbing stairs to the dome comes with certain fees.

A cost of staying at budget hotels is approximately €70-145 (£63-130) a night. Take a lovely stroll around town with your spouse and enjoy all the beauty this Italian city has to offer.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam is known for artistic heritage, narrow houses, elaborate canal system, the Museum District where you can also visit Van Gogh Museum and see works of many other artists.

The best time to visit Amsterdam is between mid-March to early May during the tulip season.

Since it's very near, you can also save up on the flight to Amsterdam. Daily costs of budget travel in Amsterdam are €79 (£71) while prices to see museums visit Anne Frank House, Heineken experience and canal cruises and other activities range from €10-20 (£9-18).

Costs of staying at budget hotels are about €90-150 (£80-134).

Paris, France

Honeymoon in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and a perfect destination for your honeymoon.

While this city is usually associated with high prices, you can have a budget-friendly honeymoon there as well.

The best time to visit Paris is from April to June and October to early November. The daily cost of budget travel in Paris is €80 (£72) while budget hotel prices are around €70-150 (£63-134).

Paris has a great nightlife, picturesque sceneries, beautiful architecture, and nice shops that you can see and have fun along with visiting Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other attractions.

Sri Lanka

Find a Sri Lanka Honeymoon Destination

Sri Lanka is an island nation located south of India in the Indian Ocean. The island is well-known for scenic landscapes, rainforests, highlands, plains, and sandy beaches.

Basically, Sri Lanka has all sorts of different things to see while on your honeymoon. Cost of staying at a simple guesthouse in Sri Lanka can go as low as Rs2000 to 3500 (£8-15) a night.

Enjoying local rice and curry costs about Rs150-350 (£0.66-1.54).

Things to do in Sri Lanka on your honeymoon are numerous including hiking Little Adams Peak, going on safari in Kaudulla National Park, surfing, snorkelling, among other things.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily Italy

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island with a rich history and great atmosphere for a perfect honeymoon.

The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. Picturesque beaches and bright blue waters combined with affordable hotel prices are some of many reasons to visit this island.

Budget-friendly hotels offer rooms at rates that are lower than £100 a night.

Things to see in Sicily include Mount Etna, San Vito lo Capo, Monreale Duomo.

Peloponnese, Greece

Peloponnese, Greece

Peloponnese is a peninsula in southern Greece that is usually overlooked as many people go to Mykonos and Santorini.

Peloponnese has sandy beaches like other locations in Greece, but you can also take romantic excursions to the site of the very first Olympic games, visit ancient Greek theatres, and see the castle town of Mystras.

Room prices in Peloponnese are affordable, and they range from €60 to €150 (£54 to £134) while street food costs about €15 (£13).

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Honeymoon destination

Istanbul is a city on two continents where also two different types of architecture and culture merge into one unique environment. The best times to visit Istanbul is spring and autumn.

What makes this city so amazing is that alongside beautiful landscapes and scenery it also has affordable prices. You can have a great honeymoon without spending too much.

The average daily cost of a budget trip in Istanbul is TRY74-188 (£10-27.70). Spending a one-week honeymoon on a budget in Istanbul costs about TRY1037 (£152.99) if you plan well.

Things to do or see in this city are numerous such as seeing dancing dervish performances, take a Bosphorus cruise, visit Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, and so much more.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a city in western Morocco where French style architecture perfectly combines with Islamic style buildings.

This is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer, and you'll love to explore it on your honeymoon.

The most pleasant time to explore Marrakech is spring (mid-March to May) and autumn (September to November). Average daily costs of a budget trip to Marrakech are about MAD160 (£13.20) or MAD2236 (£184) for a week-long honeymoon stay.

Prices at budget hotels are about MAD83 (£6.80) a night.

Things to do or see in Marrakech are endless which is why this is the perfect spot for newlyweds. Some of those things include Ben Youssef Madrasa, visit Medina and colourful markets, take a hot air balloon ride, and others.

Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix is a university city in the south of France, but it’s also a great spot for your honeymoon.

While Nice and Cannes are too expensive, Aix is relatively near and also very close to Marseille thus allowing you to take day trips while paying less for accommodation, food, and what not.

The best times to visit Aix are from March to May and September to November. Daily costs of the budget trip to Aix are about €50 (£44) while one week for a couple usually costs up to €698 (£627).

You can find hotels whose prices are as low as €29 (£26) a night. In Aix, you can visit Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur d’Aix-en-Provence, Pavilion de Vendome, Eglise Saint-Jean-de-Malte, among other things.

Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands, Spain

With a warm climate and nice temperature, the Canary Islands is a great honeymoon destination for newlyweds all year round.

Beaches are always free to enjoy which is always a good thing to bear in mind when honeymooning on a budget.

The average daily cost of a budget trip to the Canary Islands is €50 (£44) while one-week long stay for a couple is about €705 (£634).

Prices of budget hotels are approximately €25 (£22) a night. Things to do and see in the Canary Islands include the town of Teror, explore Cathedral of Arucas, climb Roque Nublo, sail, swim, Los Gigantes cliffs.

Miami, Florida

Miami Florida

Miami may seem too far away and way too expensive, but yes, you can have a budget honeymoon in this exciting city. Miami is all about vibrant colours, sandy beaches, bright blue ocean, cabanas, cocktails, and all things fun.

The best time to visit Miami is March through May.

Average daily costs of a budget trip to Miami are about $66 (£52) while staying a week on a budget is about $919 (£728).

The Cost of accommodation in budget hotels is about $43 (£34) a night. Things to do in Miami include visiting Miami zoo, Everglades National Park, botanical garden, Venetian pool, and so much more.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal Honeymoon

Delicious wine, plentiful beaches, rich history – Porto has it all.

The best time to visit Porto is from May to September when the weather is sunny and warm.

The average daily cost of a budget trip to Porto is €38 (£34).

Newlyweds who want to spend a honeymoon on a budget in Miami would need about €532 (£478) for one week.

Prices in budget hotels in Miami can go as low as €19 (£17). Cais da Ribeira, Serralves Museum and Villa, Luis I Bridge, Church of Sao Francisco, Palacio de Bolsa are some of many things to see in Porto.

Save up even more by purchasing a Porto Card which gives you free or reduced price entrances on various museums, discounts at restaurants, and unlimited access to public transportation.

Bottom line

As newlyweds who want to have a lovely honeymoon without spending too much money, you’re in luck.

This post featured 20 amazing locations that you can visit and have a great time with your loved one.

Remember, to save up try to eat and buy things where locals do.

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