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How To Lose Arm Fat

How To Get In Shape For Your Wedding Day: Lose Arm Fat Using These Six Exercises

how to lose arm fat

 Is your wedding day fast approaching and you would wish to look extra special on such a special occasion? And do or other priorities seem not to leave time for you to take care of yourself? If so, this article is for you.

Dear bride-to-be. This article will help you have the wedding of your dreams. The first section of the article will offer you a well-developed diet plan to follow, and the second one will outline exercises to help tone the bicep and how to lose arm fat.

how to get in shape for your wedding

For those of you who wish to wear a sleeveless or strapless lack the confidence, now is your chance to make your dreams come true! If you stick to the diet and commit to the exercise regime, you will experience a significant change both in your body and mind on your wedding day.

So without further distractions, here is how you can get in shape for your wedding day!

The Basics Of Dieting

diet for losing arm fat

Before delving straight into the diet, we believe it is essential to acknowledge a few things beforehand. Number one is that all bodies are beautiful, be it whatever shape, or size. And secondly, that being a bride can at times be a very stressful role to play.

Therefore, we wish to offer sincere and practical tips to our brides to be that will not require a lot of time or effort! 

For this diet plan, you are not to change what you will be eating, but in fact, what you will not. This means that to follow this diet plan, you must stop eating and drinking the following categories of food:

  • Try your best to have organic foods, staying away from anything processed.
  • Stay hydrated at least most of the day. You can also use cucumber water instead to give yourself the extra nutrients and antioxidants that your body will surely benefit from.
  • Stop taking any carbonated drinks as they have a lot of processed sugars within.
  • You may also want to replace white rice and white bread with brown rice and bread, as both have higher nutritional value.
  • Reduce alcohol intake to up to six to seven servings per week. So if you are someone who enjoys a glass of wine in the evenings, you may need to curb your intake.

This shortlist can serve as a guide to ensure what to avoid and how to manage your daily calorie intake. While some may recommend you count these very meticulously, you should at least have an accurate approximation of your calorie intake to help ease the journey through weight loss before the wedding!

Tips On Wedding Fitness

Here are three of the hottest tips on weight loss, perfect for the bride or bridesmaid that is busy during most of the day in planning and arrangements.

What Should You Eat? Keeping It Simple

Because this is designed as a temporary diet plan, there is no need for you to go overboard and lookup fancy new recipes or go looking for products you usually would not consume. Eat what you know during these times, such as healthy foods that provide comfort as well as nutrition.

These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, which you can use to make healthy smoothies once frozen, or make stir fry using extra virgin olive oil to go with brown rice – sounds like a decent meal! And for cravings, stock up on snack bars and keep them handy.

The Importance Of A Single Prep Day

Now, you may be thinking, this is time-consuming and intensive, and the solutions were not supposed to be, but you would be wrong about the former claim. Taking a single day out of the week is more efficient than doing this every day, sometimes even for multiple meals.

On a day you have time in the evenings, try prepping for the next six to eight meals by marinating meats or chopping vegetables and fruits to store. Make sure you use this time to make healthy snacks for yourself, such as baby carrots, or berries for when you crave something sweet.

Incorporate Physical Activity In Your Daily Routine

This brings us to the most important suggestion of all. During these few weeks, it will be quite rewarding if you were to commit to a regime that helps you burn fat and build muscles.

Based on how much time and resources you can commit to this, you can either jog, bicycle, or go to the gym for strength training, which will help in burning upper body fat in particular. If you already work out regularly, this is an excellent time to take it up a notch and add more sets or reduce breaks, for example.

However, keep in mind that you should do what feels best. If you wish to take a dance class instead, go for it! But no matter the mode of exercise, remember not to overwork or exhaust yourself completely. Make sure to take extra care, especially with gym equipment, to not accidentally hurt yourself.

How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat

For this article's unique feature, this section is dedicated to helping people on how to lose armpit fat from their bicep area via some fat-burning and muscle-toning exercises. Ideally, these kinds of tasks should be paired or grouped with diet plans as well for optimum results.

Losing bicep or arm fat can sometimes be quite challenging to achieve because it requires as well as exercise. Thus, for muscles that remained toned and the fat stays to a minimum, both diet and physical activity must be monitored. 

Here is a picture that contains all the various exercises that you should incorporate to lose fat from the bicep area.

exercise for lose arm fat


Bicep Curl

This exercise will require weights. The bicep curl is done by lifting weights from a horizontal position of the forearms to a vertical position i.e. .

After waiting a few seconds in that position, bring the hands down to rest state. Multiple sets using weights will help tone the bicep well and bring strength to the arm overall.

Side Plank

While the side plank – or planks in general – are more famous for their effectiveness in targeting and fat of the core, but they can surprisingly be beneficial for arms as well. By directly incorporating a dumbbell into the workout, you can also exercise your arms!

To do this properly, prop yourself in the position of the side plank as seen above, i.e., with outwards. Using the other arm, grab the dumbbell and extend and relax with regular time intervals.


Push-ups can be very useful in reducing arm fat. These are relatively simple to do, but sometime you may require some extra help, and there should be no shame in admitting that. Begin by placing both palms flat onto a yoga mat or the floor directly.

Once the palms are secure, push yourself off the ground and keep going until your arms are completely straight. After staying in this position for a second or two, you must come back down without collapsing onto the floor. If completed, you would have done a push-up!

If you struggle to do this initially without more support, start by resting on your knees and work your way up. Do not forget to breathe when working out, especially during push-ups, as they can be intense on the body.

Weight Lifting

One of the best ways to build strength and achieve longevity in your physical appearance goals is to lift weights. This can also be quickly done at home as long as you have weights or can use something as weights. To do this properly, you must stand with your feet apart.

Next, raise your arm from a horizontal position to a vertical one – as the shows – and just like the bicep curl, bring it back down to rest after a few seconds. Remember to relax your body and take sips of water to avoid feeling parched in between sets.



For this exercise, you will only require a bench or chair that is at least two feet higher than the ground. The tricep dip seems to demand arms to be positioned at a 90-degree angle from the body as the body moves closer to the seat.

This position is to be held for a few seconds while you may catch your breath or hydrate. For a successful dip, it is vital to position your back, arms and legs carefully enough that there is no discomfort anywhere.



There are several ways to look and feel like the lady of the evening on your most special day. While it may be difficult for you to adjust to at first, developing a healthy routine can give your weeks the structure that they need without overworking yourself.

To lose arm fat properly, follow through with the suggested plans as well as workout sets that target the area well. Within a few weeks, you should be able to notice differences in how you feel, and soon later you will also be able to see these changes yourself!

If you want more thorough information or fast results there is a very good program that we recommend! This program is not going to help you only to get rid of arm will teach you how to lose weight in general! You will learn the two most important principals to lose weight, stay in shape and be healthy:

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